Garth Graphic® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Constance Blanchard/1979
John Matt
Renee LeWinter

Acerca de Garth Graphic® Familia tipográfica

Released by the Compugraphic Corporation in 1979, the Garth Graphic font family is based on a design by John Matt from the 1960's, reworked by Renee LeWinter and Constance Blanchard. Garth Graphic was named after Bill Garth, a founder of Compugraphic. A fairly strong old style face suitable for text setting; the heavier weights and condensed forms are most used for display work.
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Constance Blanchard
Diseñadores de fuentes: Renee Le Winter

Garth Graphic®

Garth Graphic

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