Bobo Capitals Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan's Bobo Capitals is an exaggerated circular display typeface. Ryan drew its letters in the style of the old popular film face, Eight Ball, but with greater elegance and dedication. Everything about Bobo Capitals is round. This makes the font perfect for anything having to do with children or children's products! Bobo Capitals is also a great headline face for sports flyers, especially junior teams or Little League events.

Since Bobo Capitals is a quintessential display face, it should not be used for small text, or any amount of text longer than a few words. It is best suited for headlines or logos. Perhaps you could even try just using one or two of its letters really large. Since Bobo Capitals has a style of its own, it may be combined with virtually any kind of text face. Such versatility!

Bobo Capitals Regular

Bobo Capitals

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