Qadi® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Walter Tracy/1985
Linotype Design Studio/1985

Acerca de Qadi® Familia tipográfica

Qadi Bold is a modern Arabic display face that includes the traditional range of letterforms. These extra bold shapes are striking, graceful, and confidently calligraphic. Produced in the mid-1980s under the design direction of the noted British typographer Walter Tracy, Qadi has proved to be a very popular typeface for magazine and newspaper publications. It was converted to the PostScript font format in 1989, and updated to the OpenType format in 2002. Qadi takes full advantage of digital technology for accurate diacritical positioning and kerning refinements, ensuring high quality Arabic typesetting.

The OpenType font incorporates the Arabic codepage (CP 1256), and supports Arabic and Persian. It also includes both tabular Arabic and Persian numerals, as well as Latin figures and complete punctuation.
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