Mariam® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Ismet Chanbour/1992

Acerca de Mariam® Familia tipográfica

Mariam is a traditional-style Arabic headline face designed by the famous Arabic type designer Ismet Chanbour, who also designed Al Harf Al Jadid - another highly successful typeface from Linotype. Mariam is characterised by certain design features which contribute to its stylistically lively, yet graceful appearance: downward-pointing tails combining with the swinging finial strokes of certain characters, and the various cut-away" effects. This headline face successfully offers a wide range of applications, from very large, bold poster-size work to use at 18 point for emphasis in text work.

Available as in the OpenType format, Miriam incorporates the Arabic codepage (CP 1256), and supports Arabic and Persian. It also includes both tabular Arabic and Persian numerals, as well as Latin figures and complete punctuation."
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