Tiza font family

Designed by Angel Koziupa
Alejandro Paul
Tiza Family was designed by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul. Tiza is a rough take on informal faces and handwriting, brought on by the recent demand for scripts and brush lettering. Its flow leaves traces simulating runny pen ink, which makes it very suitable for handwriting-like paragraphs as well as casual greeting card and invitation setting. The bold weight, Tiza Negra, fits very nicely on book covers as well as large signs. Tiza is the proverbial reminder that typefaces can sometimes be more human than they are normally perceived. Designed by lettering great Angel Koziupa, and digitized and completed for Sudtipos by Alejandro Paul.

Tiza Negra


Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: TizaNeg.ttf
Windows menu name: Tiza Negra
PostScript name: TizaNegra
PostScript full name: Tiza Negra
Catalog number:
US$ 39
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