F2F OCRAlexczyk™ font family

Designed by Alexander Branczyk in 1995
Adrian Frutiger
The original OCR B was designed for optical character recognition systems and was therefore monospaced. Designer Alexander Branczyk made a more typographically tuned and fitted version, with both regular and bold weights, and called it OCRBczyk™."

F2F OCRAlexczyk Shake

F2F OCRAlexczyk

world-map map

Std / OT CFF

supports at least

21 languages.

Technical details
Digital data from:
OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: F2FOCRAlexczykLTStd-Shake.otf
Windows menu name: F2FOCRAlexczyk LT Std Shake
PostScript name: F2FOCRAlexczykLTStd-Shake
PostScript full name: F2FOCRAlexczyk LT Std Shake
Catalog number:
US$ 35
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