Giacometti Font Family

Giacometti Letter and Giacometti Pi – Update of an old favorite

Together, Giacometti™ Letter and Giacometti Pi™ make up a stunning comic-style font family. Two separate fonts may well be added to the mix: Linotype Festtagsfont™ and Jump™. Linotype Festtagsfont features more of the hilarious stick figures seen in Giacometti Pi, while Jump could be the wider, bolder compliment to Giacometti Letter. Giacometti Letter helps designers set rough bits of text that will look similar to spontaneous handwriting. This whimsicality helps quickly establish a light informality.
Giacometti font sample
The German illustrator Sine Bergmann created these fonts. The original inspiration stems from the niveau of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (1901–1968). The letters, symbols, and stick figures in Giacometti Pi, Giacometti Letter, Linotype Festtagsfont, and Jump are simply fun. Set them in any color, any environment, or in virtually any size! There really is something for everyone in these character sets; the graphics on this page show just a hint into the possibilities. These fonts have already been used in projects ranging from short animation films, greeting cards, and even corporate PowerPoint presentations.
Giacometti font sample
What about the technical details? Giacometti Letter (and Jump, too) are both available as Linotype OpenType Pro fonts, which support virtually all Western, Central, and Eastern European languages that use the Roman alphabet. The symbol fonts Giacometti Pi and Linotype Festtagsfont have 63 and 105 images in their character sets, respectively.

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