Eclectic font family

Designed by Brian Sooy
Eclectic Web is the ultimate web design dingbat tool - with 80 icons designed for creating e-commerce, navigation, and interface designs.

Use it as a starting point in your favorite vector program, or use the icons as is - they are optimized for sizes down to 20 point and anti-alias beautifully in all of the major applications (any smaller than that and you’re on your own)

Shopping carts, directional arrows, buttons galore! It’s like a pinata in font format, surprises for everyone! This font includes: a new button, order, buy, and close buttons, home, security, email, search, and a host of other icons and images to make designing your next website a breeze! Most of the icons are shown

Available in Mac and PC formats, in TrueType and Postscript formats.



Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Eclectic Web STF.suit, EclecWebSTF
Windows menu name: Eclectic Web STF
PostScript name: EclecticWebSTF
PostScript full name: Eclectic Web STF
Catalog number:
US$ 45
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