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FF Speak: a young and friendly sans serif

FF Speak
FF Speak from Danish designer Jan Maack is a sans serif with rounded terminals and a practically monolinear design.
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FF Netto – a neutral, reduced font without graphical extras

FF Netto
FF Netto by Daniel Utz is a restrained, even somewhat cool font that reveals its qualities only when you look closely.
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The new Kairos from Terrance Weinzerl: athletic, hip and octagonal

Distinctive, edgy, muscular and yet a little playful: with its octagonal base shape, the slab serif Kairos picks up on the character of the so-called “Grecian fonts”, which were popular in the 19th century.
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FF Enzo – a sans serif with character

FF Enzo
The graphic designer and typographer Tobias Kvant lives and works in Helsingborg, Sweden.
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Daytona by Jim Wasco: a dynamic, sporty, Grotesque, ideal for the screen

Jim Wasco is an old hand among the font designers at Monotype, responsible for quite a few fonts over the decades.
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FF Dax - a distinctive, perfectly equipped and versatile font family

FF Dax
In FF Dax, Hans Reichel cleverly combines the clear and neutral forms of a structured grotesque with a humanist touch.
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FF Scala: a perfectly equipped font family group, not only for text setting

In the mid-1980s, Martin Majoor worked as a designer for the Vredenburg Music Center in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
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Clarendon BT OpenType Pro: A popular slab serif goes international

Robert Besley designed Clarendon in England shortly after the first slab serif fonts began to appear around 1820.
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FF Kievit: A universal super family, ideal for large projects in print and on screen

FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab were created in the context of corporate projects, so they are clearly well at home in that area.
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Neue Haas Unica by Toshi Omagari: A subtle reworking of Helvetica

The original purpose behind the creation of the typeface Haas Unica was to provide a sympathetic update of Helvetica. Recently the font designer Toshi Omagari rediscovered the typeface and decided to significantly supplement and extend it.
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