Font Designer – Keith Philip

Australian designer Keith Philip created the font ITC Keefbats™ in 2002.

ITC Keefbats is a collection of strange and highly likeable characters. Philip, whose nickname is “Keef,” claims that he’ s always been a bit of a “cartoonist.” He began drawing ITC Keefbats as animals and insects, but when he ran out of ideas he added the “pointy-headed” human character to provide more options. “I wanted a character that was simple and looked as weird as the other animals,” he says. “My favorites are ’The cowboy ready to draw,’ ’The finish line’ and ’The merry cocktail drinker.’ ”
All the charming yet cheeky creatures in ITC Keefbats share the “family trait” of a common circular eye. The designs were sketched by hand, according to Philip, who prefers drawing with pencil and markers. The sketches were then recreated in a vector-based desktop drawing program.
ITC Keefbats can be manipulated (stretched, colored, outlined, shadowed) just like a typeface, yet the images maintain clarity even at large sizes. And, since these drawings come in font format, they take up far less memory than clip art.

ITC Keefbats Font Family is part of the ITC Library OpenType Edition.
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