Font Designer – Stefan Pott

German designer Stefan Pott created the following fonts Linotype Henri™ (1999) and Linotype Konflikt™ (1997).
Linotype Konflikt is part of the TakeType Library, which features winners of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contest from 1994 to 1997. Stefan Pott was inspired by the conflict between the appearance of a typeface in print and on a computer screen. Out of this conflict came a font in which every character has aspects of both flowing handwriting and angular pixel-like strokes.
Linotype Henri Dimensions, like Linotype Henri Axis, experiments with three dimensional relationships. Both typefaces represent an attempt to understand written characters in a new way. The figures of both fonts reach out from the page and give the flat surface a sense of depth and liveliness. The figures of Linotype Henri Dimensions are almost like sculptures and have a will of their own. The characters are playful and adorably awkward and at the same time heavy and relatively static, a fascinating type experiment.

Please take a look at the personal designer portrait of Stefan Pott.

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