Font Designer – Gary Munch

American designer Gary Munch created the fonts Linotype Ergo™ (1997), Linotype Finerliner™ (1997), Linotype Really™ (1999), and Really™ No 2 (2009).

Linotype Ergo is a relatively new font oriented on the form philosophy of Univers™ and Frutiger™, namely, that a font which the eye should see as "correct" cannot be constructed. The eye tends to enlarge horizontals and to perceive verticals as weaker, and the stroke differences of Ergo are therefore designed to accommodate this tendency. Ergo font makes a dynamic and modern impression and is extremely legible.

Linotype Finerliner is part of the TakeType Library, chosen from the contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contest. Gary Munch designed Linotype Finerliner as a handwriting font with calligraphic influences. The small, regularly formed lower case letters contrast nicely with the generous, sweeping capitals. The font is available in a light and medium weight and displays no stroke contrast. The lighter weight, micro, is best used for shorter texts in point sizes 18 or larger and the medium weight, macro, is mainly intended for headlines in larger point sizes.

Linotype Really, a winner font from Linotype’s 3. Type Design Contest, is a typeface family of six weights with italics and small capitals that offers a broad palette of expressions to draw from, sensibly light to brightly stentorian. The moderate-to-strong contrast of the vertical to horizontal strokes recalls the Transitional and Modern styles of Baskerville™ and Bodoni™, and the subtly obliqued axis of the stoke weight recalls the old-style faces of Caslon™. A strong belt of sturdy serifs completes the Realist sensibility of a clear, readable, no-nonsense text face whose clean details offer the designer a high-impact display face.

Really No 2 is a 2009 update and expansion of the Linotype Really. In addition to several formal changes, the Really No 2 family now offers coverage of Greek and Cyrillic character sets, as well as Latin.

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