One OpenType – different configuration levels

All OpenType Com Fonts at

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OpenType Com fonts have been optimised for international communication and for use with Office applications. Linotype has defined an extended character set for these fonts, the Linotype Extended European Character set (LEEC).

Characters for OpenType Std and OpenType Pro (gray) and OpenType Com (gray + black):

With 387 characters, this standard guarantees that 48 languages can be supported by every OpenType Com font. In addition to the languages already listed for the All OpenType Pro Fonts at

Fonts in the OpenType Pro category contain a defined minimum character set.

Characters for OpenType Std (gray) and OpenType Pro (gray + black):

In addition to the characters listed in the All OpenType Standard Fonts at

Ideally, text fonts in the OpenType Std category contain an extended Latin character set like the following:

This character set supports the following 21 languages:
Basque, Breton
Danish, Dutch
Finnish, French
Gaelic (Irish, Scots), German
Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian
Saami (Southern), Spanish, Swahili, Swedish

In individual cases, further non-Latin languages and typographical character variants may be included in these fonts. In some cases headline or fun fonts may not support all the languages listed above.

At the moment there are three distinct categories of OpenType fonts: OpenType Std, OpenType Pro and
OpenType Com.