ITC Kloegirl™ font family

Designed by Scott Carslake

ITC Kloegirl

Font Designer: Scott Carslake

Most people have one recognizable style of handwriting; Australian fashion designer Chloé Papazahariakis has many. She changes the way she writes depending on her mood, where she is and what she’s working on. Her handwriting in a letter to a friend is quite different from the style she uses to add an entry to her personal diary.
Type designer Scott Carslake was first exposed to the idiosyncratic variety of Papazahariakis’s writing when she commissioned his design studio, Voice, to design the identity for her line of fashions. After receiving several notes from her, he was convinced that a typeface should be developed from her distinct handwriting. The result is ITC Kloegirl™, a two-design typeface family.
“Carslake started collecting examples of Papazahariakis’s writing so that he could study the many different moods and personalities her handwriting was able to express. She even provided her personal diary as a design resource.
“In examining Ms. Papazahariakis’s handwriting, I identified up to four possible styles and many distinctive characteristics that have made the final typefaces unique,” Carslake recalls. He notes that Papazahariakis might start writing in lowercase letters, use a few caps mid-word and then switch to all caps. “I particularly liked her ability to draw large, ornate descenders that interacted with one another, with little affect on the design’s readability,” he adds.
Carslake’s careful study resulted in Kloegirl Lotus and Kloegirl New York, named after Papazahariakis’s line of fashions.
Kloegirl Lotus is an all-lowercase typeface with a series of alternate characters in cap positions. Numerals maintain the same rhythm as the lowercase glyphs. Lotus’s many intriguing qualities include the fluid shapes and looping flourishes of the letterforms, especially in the descenders.
New York is a more traditional typeface with both caps and lowercase letters. The varying descenders are distinctive, but where Lotus’s curves and flourishes are soft and amiable, New York is an aggressive, sharp and opinionated design. For those times when the tone required is “friendly, but with an attitude,” characters from both faces can be used together.

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
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Font Designer: Scott Carslake

ITC Kloegirl

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ITC Kloegirl

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