Kalix™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1994
I have a notation that the summer of 1994, when I worked with Kalix, was a warm one. I had no special typeface in mind when drawing the characters of Kalix, but many typefaces contributed to it, e.g. my own Omnibus from which I borrowed the looks of the smal case g. I think it is a lovely typeface whose use is mainly for books and magazines.
Kalix is the name of a northern Swedish town situated along a river called Kalixälven. Its name is of sami origin, *káles, meaning cold. There comes the connection to the warm summer of 1994! But even the Latin word for chalice, calix, has something to do with my choice of name.
Kalix was released in 1994.

Kalix Bold


Technical details
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File name: LT_59122.ttf
Windows menu name: Kalix
PostScript name: Kalix-Bold
PostScript full name: Kalix Bold
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