Devin™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1994
Devin is designed mainly for the benefit of the advertising industry, and it surely is a nice typeface for headings, isn't it? And you should see what a nice body type it makes! I had no other typeface in mind when working with it, but I can now find several typefaces it is related to. It reminds of the egyptienne group, but I did't really plan that.
The name Devin is taken from my birth region. There is a castle with that name on the northern Adriatic coast (known even from Rilke's Duino elegies - Duino is another name of the same castle). A castle ruin called Devin, too, can be found on a height above the Danube in Slovakia, not far away from its capital Bratislava.
Devin was released in 1994.

Devin Bold Italic


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File name: Devin suit, DevinBolIta, DevinBolIta.afm
PostScript name: Devin-BoldItalic
PostScript full name: Devin Bold Italic
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