Paddington™ Schriftfamilie

Über Paddington™ Schriftfamilie

Freda Sack designed Paddington, a revival of bold, turn of the century style type, in 1977. Although Paddington leaves so much black on the page, its letters do not sacrifice individuality. Lively, curvaceous forms make up the design of this typeface, lending an air of confident originality to text set in Paddington. Some of Paddington's characters are particularly noteworthy: take a closer look at this face's Q" and "g." You'll fall in love with this type's chunky vivaciousness immediately!

The overall feeling of text set in Paddington bears similarities to Cooper Black , a more modern, American style typeface that was created 20 years later.

Freda Sack founded the London-based type studio The Foundry with David Quay in 1990."