Jonatan™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Franko Luin (1995)

Über Jonatan™ Schriftfamilie

3 robbers is not a typeface family, only a collective name for three typefaces with the looks of handtexted characters: Kasper, Jesper and Jonatan. There are some common traits between them, but they are three individuals. As the three terrible" robbers in the Swedish writer Lennart Hellsing's Kamomillastad - the ones who borrowed their names to the typefaces - are three individuals. They always appear in the same order: first Kasper, then Jesper and last Jonatan. Swedish children love to sing about them and are not at all scared of them.
All three robbers were released in 1995."
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Schriften-Designer: Franko Luin



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