Cooked Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Alejandro Paul
Alfredo Graziani

Über Cooked Schriftfamilie

Cooked Family was designed by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul. Koziupa and Paul are just as good in the kitchen as they are on the drawing board. Cooked is their choice offering of stir-fried and juicy alphabet ready to complement any visual stew you can put together. This meaty course, with even meatier OpenType programming, was designed to crank up the volume on the viewer’s senses of smell and taste, and induce drooling at a mere glance.Cooked is just as suitable in packaging as it is on posters, books or music stressing the wild, adventurous and extremely pleasurable side of life.Lot of alternates of each letter are included. Enjoy!



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