ITC Portago™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Luis Siquot (1997)

Über ITC Portago™ Schriftfamilie

ITC Portago was designed by Luis Siquot, who admits to a tendency toward unusual typefaces that can be read in text yet also work well in display settings. ITC Portago is a robust alphabet of caps and slightly smaller caps. It is a stencil face, based on the lettering on crates and luggage. Siquot says that his intention drawing Portago was to obtain a neutral, classical, very condensed grotesque stencil shape that is readable in text sizes, showing at the same time the 'movement' produced by the nicked edges. And of course the more obvious rough effect in headline sizes." At small sizes, Portago is best set with slightly looser letterspacing, as capital combinations usually do. Portago includes numerals in both full and small caps proportions."
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Schriften-Designer: Luis Siquot

ITC Portago

ITC Portago

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