Camphor™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Nick Job (2010)

Über Camphor™ Schriftfamilie

Inspired by Edward Johnston's type for the London Underground and Eric Gill's Gill Sans®, Camphor™ is also informed by the European sans serifs typified by Adrian Frutiger. However, Camphor copies neither. It is narrower than Johnston's type and eschews the idiosyncrasies of Gill Sans, making for clean and cool, modern sans serif that lends itself to everything from branding and wayfinding to advertising and editorial design.
Nick Job says I wanted to draw a modern, uncluttered sans serif family with classical proportions, unashamedly English but with fewer idiosyncrasies than its influential forerunners."
And he succeeds. Despite it lack of embellishments, Camphor resists the sterility of other faces designed on the same premise. It is a lean, self assured, legible, and versatile type, coming in six weights, from thin to heavy, all with companion italics, small caps, alternates, and broad language support."
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Schriften-Designer: Nick Job
Presse-Mitteilung: 2011_02_22 – Camphor – britischer Stil für vielfältigen Einsatz – 22. Februar 2011



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