Catholic Girls Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Anton Scholtz (2008)

Über Catholic Girls Schriftfamilie

Catholic Girls is a timeless, handwriting-based, semi-calligraphic font that is highly readable yet has an informality combined with a quiet elegance. Above all else, Catholic Girls is well-behaved, ladylike, and can be expected to behave correctly and make the right impression in a wide range of situations. This “hand” is based on the style of handwriting taught at many Catholic Girls' Schools. It is feminine, elegant and readable. Use “Catholic Girls” for a great variety of applications, including: ? party invitations, wedding stationery, social event media, ? marketing material for seminars, property developments, leisure & lifestyle promotions, fashion, interior design, restaurants, florists, cosmetics ? publishing: magazines, books, children’s books, greeting cards, ? packaging: girls' clothing, girls' toys, household consumables, cosmetics, fashion items, interior decor products

Catholic Girls

Catholic Girls

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