ITC Kulukundis™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Daniel Pelavin (1997)

Über ITC Kulukundis™ Schriftfamilie

ITC Kulukundis is the work of designer Daniel Pelavin, a square, connecting script which looks as though it could have been cast in shiny chrome for the side of a 1950s American roadster. Pelavin based his design very loosely on a vertical French script but the overall look is all his own. Unlike calligraphic scripts, the lower case letters all connect in exactly the same way and the straight diagonal junctures give the typeface its broad, spacious character and keep it locked into a continuous line. ITC Kulukundis could also be used to create a decorative border for special occasions.
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Schriften-Designer: Daniel Pelavin

ITC Kulukundis

ITC Kulukundis

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