ITC Drycut™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Serge Pichii (1997)

Über ITC Drycut™ Schriftfamilie

ITC Drycut is the work of Vancouver-based designer Serge Pichii and gives a twist to the tradition of heavy, woodcut-like typefaces. The font includes all the realistic features of a true woodcut, sharp edges, white cut marks and black slivers. The slivers around the edges suggest traces left after awkward movements of a knife, which are often visible on old woodcuts...Folk artists often didn't care much about refining their carvings and the slivers would have been left as long as the letters remained readable." The lower case alphabet is actually small caps proportioned to match the capitals. The letters of ITC Drycut have a slight slant to the right which lends the font a dynamic character."
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Schriften-Designer: Serge Pichii

ITC Drycut

ITC Drycut

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