Balega™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Jürgen Weltin (2002)

Über Balega™ Schriftfamilie

Balega is stencil-like display font, created by German designer Jürgen Weltin in 2002. Balega's letters are very bold, and have a slight italic slant. While some of the uppercase forms appear somewhat sharp, the lowercase is definitively round and friendly. Text set in Balega has a very forward moving motion, as the slant makes all of the letters seem to be lunging toward the right. This gives the typeface a very dynamic feel. Because the counterforms in and between the letters are very narrow, we recommend using Balega in posters and other larger displays, where its design may be truly appreciated.
Balega is part of the Take Type 5 collection, from Linotype GmbH."
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