Vincent Pacella

The American designer Vincent Pacella created the fonts ITC Cushing™ (1982) and ITC Pacella® (1987).
ITC Cushing has a long history. The font was originally designed by J. Stearns Cushing, a Boston-based book printer, and famous American type designer Frederic Goudy expanded it to include an italic weight. Under a special license from the American Type Founders, Vincent Pacella modified the design for ITC and added some additional weights. ITC Cushing is slightly condensed with large, bracketed serifs. Pacella changed the capital letters to better complement the lower case and replaced the sloping serifs of the italics to linear type serifs to produce ITC Cushing.
ITC Pacella was fashioned in the tradiation of Century Schoolbook, Corona and Nimrod. Pacella maintains high legibilty and exhibits a character and personality all its own.

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