Wilhelm Pischner

The German designer Wilhelm Pischner (born 5. 1. 1904 in Offenbach, died 7. 7. 1989 in Offenbach) created the font DIN Neuzeit® Grotesk in 1929.
The German Standards Committee suggested the ‘light Neuzeit-Grotesk’ font in 1970 for use in official signage, traffic directional systems, etc. The typeface had been designed by Wilhelm Pischner and appeared with the font foundry D. Stempel in 1928. The font Neuzeit Grotesk was once the standard in the print industry, as a timeless typeface with no real distinguishing features. Like other typefaces of the 1920s, DIN Neuzeit Grotesk reflects the philosophy of the times, ‘Form is Function.’

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