Tendria™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Patricia Roesch-Pothin (2008)

Über Tendria™ Schriftfamilie

Patricia Pothin-Roesch's Tendria typeface bases its letterforms on the logo for the French “Tendriade” mark. Clearly inspired by writing and hand lettering, Patricia Pothin-Roesch began her work on Tendria in Adobe Illustrator. After a few letters, she went back to designing the old-fashioned way: drawing by hand on layers of tracing paper. Tendria is a sturdy upright script face with a warm, childlike feeling. Its letters are like the typefaces often used in primary schools; the counterforms are large and open. The name Tendria is reminiscent of the French word for tender, “tendre.” Designers who set Tendria lovingly will reap rewards; this is an excellent addition to a display heading toolkit.
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Schriften-Designer: Patricia Roesch-Pothin
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