Linotype BioPlasm™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Mauro Carichini (2002)

Über Linotype BioPlasm™ Schriftfamilie

Linotype BioPlasm is a display face created by Italian design Mauro Carichini in 2002. It distorts and deletes parts of letters, creating the appearance of a living, typographic organism in pages of text. Lines set in Linotype BioPlasm seems bubble to the surface, and always hints at some sort of unrevealed secret. Although only parts of most letterforms are visible, the high x-heights of Linotype BioPlasm's letters make its text surprisingly legible for such a concept-font. For usage in products ranging from Sonic to Science, Linotype BioPlasm may be the font for you!

Linotype Bioplasm is part of the Take Type 4 collection from Linotype GmbH."
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Schriften-Designer: Mauro Carichini

Linotype BioPlasm

Linotype BioPlasm

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