F2F Tagliatelle Sugo™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Alessio Leonardi (1996)

Über F2F Tagliatelle Sugo™ Schriftfamilie

The techno sound of the 1990s, a personal computer, font creation software, and some inspiration all came together to inspire the F2F (Face2Face) font series. Alessio Leonardi and his friends had the demand to create new unusual typefaces, which would be used in the leading German techno magazine of the day, Frontpage. Even typeset as small as 6-points, in nearly undecipherable layouts, it was a pleasure for the kids to read and try to decrypt the messages.

Bubbly black letterforms dancing across the line: this is F2F Tagliatelle Sugo, a funky font from Alessio Leonardi. Try it out in a big headline today!
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Schriften-Designer: Alessio Leonardi

F2F Tagliatelle Sugo

F2F Tagliatelle Sugo

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