58 Rodeo Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Nathan Williams
Introducing 58 Rodeo: A Classic Redefined. 58 Rodeo is based on several different woodtypes used primarily as display faces in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The difference with this version of a classic woodtype is the balance and legibility. 58 Rodeo has been redrawn to emphasize line and character uniformity. The goal is to create a eurostyle, square look in a western font designed for modern applications with wild west sensibility. Additional characters provide whimsy and flair to round out any layout on the fly. Stars and other sorts are included in this reinterpreted design. Egyptienne-style fonts possess a universal appeal and are spectacular for adding interest and legibility in a variety of applications. The extended character set includes the Euro, placed on the currency key.

58 Rodeo Regular

58 Rodeo

Technische Details
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Dateiname: 58RORG__.TTF
Windows-Menü-Name: 58 Rodeo
PostScript-Name: 58Rodeo
Langer PostScript-Name: 58 Rodeo
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