Eurostile® Unicase Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Akira Kobayashi (2008)

Über Eurostile® Unicase Schriftfamilie

Akira Kobayashi modified his Eurostile Next design into a fun unicase version. Ascenders and descenders have been traded in for alternates of letters that all share the same height. The effect is similar to using all caps, although this is quite a bit more quirky. For example, letters like the lowercase a and e are now the same height as their capital versions and the lowercase y has been raised to fit between the baseline and top height. Odd relationships such as these give Eurostile Unicase a fresh and funky feeling. Try using it for headlines and titles, then use Eurostile Next for the body text!
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Eurostile Unicase

Eurostile Unicase

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