Corporate™ E Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Kurt Weidemann (1990)
The Corporate ASE typeface trilogy was designed by Prof. Kurt Weidemann, a well-known German designer and typographer, from 1985 until 1990. This superb trilogy consisting of the Corporate Antiqua, Corporte Sans Serif, and Corporate Egyptian is a design program of classical quality, perfectly in tune with each other. Weidemann says: My ASE trilogy, quite like triplets, is in perfect harmony and covers all needs of modern typography! Initially exclusively designed for DaimlerChrysler as a corporate font, the ASE trilogy may be now licensed and used without restriction. URW++ digitized the ASE for DaimlerChrysler and Prof. Weidemann and is the exclusive licencing agent for this outstanding and extremely popular typeface program.

Corporate E Medium

Corporate E

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Technische Details
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TTF - TrueType-Outlines
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Dateiname: c064007t.ttf, c064807t.ttf
Windows-Menü-Name: Corporate E Medium, CorporateESCTMed
PostScript-Name: CorporateE-Medium, CorporateESCT-Med
Langer PostScript-Name: Corporate E Medium, CorporateESCTMed
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