Chester Wajda

Multifaceted artist Chester Wajda has been an art director, multimedia and print designer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator, writer, typographer, and infographic designer.
He created the fonts ITC Posterboy™ and ITC Styleboy™.

Although not quite a script, ITC Posterboy displays strong brush-stroke overtones. The design’s inspiration, according to Chester Wajda, "came from the window-poster lettering in my neighborhood grocery store."
The slight top-heavy quality of the design is most noticeable in characters like the ’F,’ ’G,’ and ’s.’ ITC Posterboy also has a charming sense of naïveté which is most evident in letters like the cap ’S’ and ’J’ and lowercase ’f’’ and ’g.’ ITC Posterboy is a brilliant display design that adds spark and charm to the most mundane display copy. ITC Posterboy is his second typeface created for ITC.

Although ITC Styleboy has a retro feel, it isn’t based on any earlier typeface. "As far as inspiration goes," says Chester Wajda, "I’d have to say comic strips of the ’20s and ’30s, and silent-film marquee lettering from the ’20s - with a hint of a Chinese brush?" He originally created the typeface for a children’s book he was working on. "I wanted it to be fun, but still somewhat formal in its underlying structure," he says. "It’s largely based on right and 45-degree angles, with slight tucks inward on the stems and bowls, and a few flourishes here and there." Styleboy’s top-heavy look is most noticeable in the caps, but it’s exaggerated too in the "8" and the lowercase "g." Styleboy is Wajda’s first typeface design.

ITC Posterboy Font Family and ITC Styleboy Font Family are part of the ITC Library OpenType Edition.

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