Berling™ Nova Sans Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Frederik Andersson (2004)
Örjan Nordling (2004)
Karl-Erik Forsberg (2004)

Über Berling™ Nova Sans Schriftfamilie

Berling Nova Sans Pro is the companion famous Berling Nova type family. Made by Pangea design, the sans family consists of seven fonts: Light, Regular, and Bold - all with true italics - and the additional weight of Extra Bold for real impact. The original Berling spirit was transfered into this sans design so it functions well as a pairing with its serifed counterpart. Useful for anything from text through display sizes, this clear and modern humanist design is sure to add just the right amount of personality to your project. For more information on this extended type system, be sure to check out the Berling Nova family!
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Font-Neuheiten: Berling Nova Sans
Typo-Galerie: Berling Nova
Schriften-Designer: Karl-Erik Forsberg
Schriften-Designer: Örjan Nordling

Berling™ Nova Sans

Berling Nova Sans

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