Bulmer® Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Monotype Design Studio (ca. 1790)
William Martin
Morris Fuller Benton (2008)

Über Bulmer® Schriftfamilie

Cut as a private version for the Nonesuch Press in the early 1930s, Monotype Bulmer was first released for general use in 1939. Based on types, cut by William Martin circa 1790, used by the Printer, William Bulmer, in a number of prestigious works, including Boydell's Shakespeare. Martins types combined beauty with functionality. Narrower and with a taller appearance than Baskerville, it anticipated the modern face of Bodoni but retained vital qualities from the old face style. This new digital version of the Bulmer font family was drawn by Monotype following extensive research into the previous hot metal versions and a study of Bulmer's printed works. Additional weights have been designed together with a wide range of Expert and alternative characters.
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