Linotype Franosch™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Max Franosch (2002)

Über Linotype Franosch™ Schriftfamilie

Linotype Franosch™ is a three weight display typeface designed by artist/graphic designer Max Franosch. Around the time of making the initial sketches, Franosch was looking a lot at Arabic newspaper and magazine headlines. He was drawn to their bold and very graphic" type. A common feature was the "floating" dots which added a rhythmic quality to the text. This came to influence the use of dots in Linotype Franosch™. Apart from this influence, Linotype Franosch also has a very clean and futuristic feel to it, due mainly to the highly geometric nature of the characters and the uniform stroke weight.
More about the usability of this typeface can be seen at the Font of the Week of Linotype Franosch.
Linotype Franosch is perfect for party flyers, headlines, and internet banner ads.
All three faces in the Linotype Franosch family are part of the Take Type 4 collection from Linotype."
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Linotype Franosch™

Linotype Franosch

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