Shelley Script® Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Matthew Carter (1972)

Über Shelley Script® Schriftfamilie

Matthew Carter designed the Shelley family 1972 for Mergenthaler Linotype to be used as a new script face for the photo typesetting machines. The basic idea was to create one script face that would offer dfferent elegant letterforms. Matthew designed Shelley in three different versions, Allegro which is in the style of Kuenstler Schreibschrift, Andante where the caps are less flowrish and wide and Volante where the letters have its most expressive and wide forms and the lowercase z in this font is in the french anglian double stacked form.
All three versions can be easily mixed to give the text a more individual calligraphic look
Besides Shelley Linotype Zapfino from Hermann Zapf shows similar basics, but in a totally different letterform. In Linotype Zapfino the individual lowercase letters from the four different versions have different letterforms which gives the text an even more individual touch.
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Schriften-Designer: Matthew Carter

Shelley Script

Shelley Script

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