Versailles™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Adrian Frutiger (1984)

Über Versailles™ Schriftfamilie

Adrian Frutiger designed Versailles™ for Linotype in 1984. He was influenced by lettering cut in metal on a memorial for Charles Garnier, the designer of the Paris Opera building in 1861. This style of lettering, called French Latine, is characterized by very sharp triangular serifs. The Versailles typeface evokes that time and place: it has a symmetrical, almost vertical axis; a tall x-height, and serifs so sharp they could draw blood. This sharpness contrasts nicely with neo-baroque elements such as the flat-but-curvy overhangs on the a, f, g, j and y. Versailles is perfect for shorter texts and titles or headlines. When used in large sizes or in the bolder weights, it has an astonishing impact. Let it perform on opera posters, websites, and advertising banners.
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