ITC Mudville™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Christopher Wolff (1998)

Über ITC Mudville™ Schriftfamilie

ITC Mudville was Christopher Wolff's entry in the 1998 U&lc Type Design Competition, for which he won an Honorable Mention (Display). Mudville evolved from variations on hand-lettering that Wolff had done on a variety of projects over the years. The underlying shapes of the letters are formal roman letterforms, but the actual strokes retain the look of letters sketched casually on a layout. Mudville straddles the line between inline and outline type designs. It recalls some of the styles of popular lettering used in display advertising in the '20s.
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Schriften-Designer: Christopher Wolff

ITC Mudville

ITC Mudville

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