ITC Ballerino™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Viktor Solt-Bittner

Über ITC Ballerino™ Schriftfamilie

Vienna designer Viktor Solt has a love affair with handwriting. “Usually” he says “when I start with a specific calligraphic style I take some historic specimens and try to integrate their main features into my own handwriting.” Although there are hints of various 18th-century calligraphic styles in Ballerino it was not based on any historical model. The swash ascenders and descenders on the lowercase are all slightly different; this and the rough texture of the edges gives Ballerino a distinctly hand-written feel. The swash caps are meant to be used only in conjunction with the lowercase not to be combined with each other.
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Schriften-Designer: Viktor Solt-Bittner

ITC Ballerino

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