Caslon™ Titling Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Monotype Design Studio (1932)
William Caslon (1692-1766)

Über Caslon™ Titling Schriftfamilie

Monotype Caslon Titling was made available for hot metal casting in 1932. The capital Monotype Caslon Titling letters were based on types from the Stephenson Blake Foundry, previously the Caslon Foundry. Originally designed by William Caslon in the eighteenth century, Caslon is considered an old face although it has characteristics which were later found in the transitional typefaces. The Monotype Caslon Titling font has a distinctive style, generous width and strong color, ideal for use in advertising, magazines and on book jackets.

Caslon Titling

Caslon Titling

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