OCR A Tribute™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Miriam Röttgers (2006)

Über OCR A Tribute™ Schriftfamilie

OCR-A was originally designed in 1968 as a machine-readable alphabet. Its functionality was its most important element, instead of its design. Over the following decades, the typeface has become popular in the design world nevertheless. But typographically pleasing results are often hard to come by, due to the original design's non-design design," as well as its undeveloped character set.

In 2006, Miriam Röttgers revised and extended OCR-A, creating OCR A Tribute. OCR A Tribute is a typeface family comprising of two versions: one in which the glyphs have been proportionally-spaced, and another that is monospaced. In the monospaced version, all glyphs have the same width, like the letters in the original OCR-A font do.

Both versions of OCR A Tribute contain complete character sets and expert glyphs, as well as lining and old style figures. Now you can rest easy, and finally use this classic design for display purposes and headlines!"
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Schriften-Designer: Miriam Röttgers
Presse-Mitteilung: 2007_01_26 – Linotype releases new fonts in January – January 26, 2007

OCR A Tribute™

OCR A Tribute

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