PMN Caecilia® Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Peter Matthias Noordzij (1990)

Über PMN Caecilia® Schriftfamilie

PMN Caecilia™ is the premiere work of the Dutch designer Peter Matthias Noordzij. He made the first sketches for this slab serif design in 1983 during his third year of study in The Hague, and the full font family was released by Linotype in 1990. The PMN prefix represents the designer's initials, and Caecilia is his wife's name. This font has subtle variations of stroke thickness, a tall x-height, open counters, and vivacious true italics. Noordzij combined classical ductus with his own contemporary expression to create a friendly and versatile slab serif family. With numerous weights from light to heavy, and styles including small caps, Old style figures, and Central European characters, PMN Caecilia has all the elements necessary for rich typographic expression.
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Schriften-Designer: Peter Matthias Noordzij

PMN Caecilia®

PMN Caecilia

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