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Über Myriad® Schriftfamilie

Myriad® was designed in 1992 by Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly, and the design staff at Adobe Systems. It's a humanist sans serif typeface, meaning that the forms are primarily based on classic romans, much like conventional or classic serifed fonts but without the serifs. Myriad also has subtle geometric shaping and monotone color, balanced by varying letter widths and open counter shapes. A readable and friendly face, Myriad works well for both text and display typography. A headline font and the playful sketch" and "tilt" versions add versatility. Myriad® Pro, an expansion completed in the late 1990s, includes weights from Light to Black and Condensed to Extended, as well as Old style Figures, Greek, Cyrillic and Central European characters."
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Schriften-Designer: Robert Slimbach
Schriften-Designer: Carol Twombly



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