Linotype Zigibacks™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von Christo Velikov (1997)

Über Linotype Zigibacks™ Schriftfamilie

Christo Velikov, a designer from Bulgaria, created the Linotype Zigibacks family in 1997. Linotype Zigibacks is a family of two symbol fonts. Their style is casual and freehand; the pictograms seem to have been drawn quickly, with a felt-tipped pen. Linotype Zigibacks' light-hearted style is a refreshing alternative to the stoic style of icons commonly seen in contemporary design.

Linotype Zigibacks One contains 75 glyphs, including check marks, arrows, and several office-communications dingbats. Linotype Zigibacks Two contains 106 glyphs, including Zodiac signs, hearts, and some holiday ornaments. In each of the Linotype Zigibacks fonts, most pictograms have two variants: a positive, black on white design, and a reverse, white on black design.
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Linotype Zigibacks

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