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The Hiscott Foundry is essentially one person, Jonathan Hiscott. With most of his fonts so far his goal has been to make unique and classy display oriented fonts. To do this he gives himself the same simple challenge: pick a specific shape from an object, and staying within certain limitations of that shape design variations from it into a readable font. He can't say that he won't someday become more interested in designing text fonts but he thinks it will be some time before he changes from his current interest in display fonts.
T.26 was founded by Carlos Segura in 1994 to explore and promote new and independent directions in typography. Since its inception, T.26 has blossomed into the premier source for designer fonts. From cutting-edge to conservative, humanist to techno, script to bitmap, T.26 continues to look beyond stylistic categories to find the endless value in typographic variety.
Terrestrial Design is a type, lettering and type design studio based in San Francisco, California. Carl Crossgrove, sole designer of Terrestrial Design, has pursued an interest in letterforms of all kinds for more than 30 years. Terrestrial Design combines an organic, humanistic, experimental approach with a calligraphic background.
Jonathan Hill graduated from Newcastle College of Art & Design in 1994. He initially worked in print producing event graphics for the Leadmill in Sheffield. Jonathan joined Mainartery in 1999; a progressive design studio based in London working solely for the music industry. Over a 3-year period Jonathan produced a range of unique packaging that crossed boundaries between 2D and 3D media. Clients include R02, Universal Music, EMI and Azuli Records. On January 3, 2006 he set up his own studio under the banner The Northern Block to concentrate on the development of new and original typefaces. Other facilities include the design of t-shirts, event graphics, music packaging, 3D rendering & animation.
The Foundry is one of the original independent type foundries and was started by David Quay and Freda Sack in 1989-90. The Foundry designers have a combination of traditional and digital experience and skills that lend integrity and quality to their type designs. This has resulted in an exclusive, highly-regarded typeface library that is rich in both historical and experimental models. The Foundry typefaces contain sought-after OpenType features and varying levels of support for Western European, Central European and Cyrillic character sets.
ThinkDust is a brand new D&AD Award winning type foundry based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2009 by Alex Haigh, HypeForType continues to work with some of the most established creates around. These include the likes of Research Studios, Non-Format, Alex Trochut, Hello Hikimori, Si Scott, Jon Burgerman, Musa Worklab, Craig Ward, Playful, and many more..
Three Islands Press has developed a catalog of designs inspired by aged print samples and historic handwriting.
Located in the Deep South Pacific island nation of New Zealand, Tim Donaldson Design specializes in crafting unique and effective Typography, Illustration of Branding for both print and digital mediums.
TinTin Timen has developed faces for FontHaus, including the hairline design Moment Gothic.
TipografiaRamis font foundry was established in 2004 to market the digital fonts designed by Ramiz Guseynov, a professional graphic designer with a strong passion for typography. Trained as an architect he is curious to reveal possibilities for creating new typefaces in a geometrical way by using simple basic form elements for shaping letterforms.
Tiponautas is an independent type foundry run by Luis Alonso (Spain) and Ricardo Santos (Portugal) founded in 2011.Its members collaborate to carry out different typographic projects. Tiponautas designs their own typefaces in the broadest and most specific sense, ranging from custom-designed characters, or lettering, to custom type design, as well as its proper use in different graphic design fields, such as editorial design or corporate identity.
Tipotype is the first type foundry from Montevideo. Founded around 2009 by Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Díaz and Martin Sommaruga. Our common goal is to distribute contemporary typefaces while creating a platform that allows type designers to easily commercialize their work.
From Lisbeth Tolstrup and Lars Pryds comes this quaint yet valuable collection.
The Tour de Force Font Foundry was founded in 2009 by two Serbian graphics and type designers - Slobodan and Dušan Jelesijeviæ. Tour de Force is a highly professional small design team that are developing an original collection of creative font designs.
Ronna Penner’s fresh and playful typeface collection is packed with hand-drawn designs.
Type Associates is constantly adding new typefaces to its collection with an emphasis on practical, enduring designs.
Type Innovations is an independent american digital type foundry, providing the highest quality type products and font customization services.
Type Mafia is a young design studio specializing in type design. We develop and publish original and contemporary retail typefaces – and offer a custom design service to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our graphic design half of the family are by no means the black sheep, we put in as much energy, with the same attention into our print design work, as we do with our type design. We are a small independent company, allowing us to closely collaborate with our clients and provide you with highest level of service. Besides, The Mafia naturally wants to know who we’re welcoming into the family.
As its name suggests, Type Revivals specializes in the reproduction of many classic typeface designs.
The TypeArt Foundry, Inc. has been creating fonts for over 15 years. Graphic designer Lloyd Springer decided to create a series of cool, interesting typefaces which he hoped would appeal to his graphic design peers in the advertising and publishing world. His wanted to create a expansive collection of exciting designs which would cover a wide range of styles, so that the collection would have something suitable for any kind of layout project. The TypeArt Library contains a wide variety of fonts including: grunge, comic book, scripts and decorative faces, plus some more traditional serif and sans serif designs.
Typebox describes its typefaces as unusual but useful. See for yourself in this interesting collection of more than 30 fonts.
Typeco is an electronic type foundry for the designs of principal, James Grieshaber, as well as a provider of typographic services and solutions. Services offered by Typeco include font identification, signature fonts, logo fonts and handwriting fonts. Solutions include custom designed typefaces, logos and trademarks, branding and graphic design.
TypeFaith*fonts is the typedesk of WAT ontwerpers, a designers collective founded by Leon Hulst and Talma Joachimsthal. For more then ten years TypeFaith*fonts has been designing fonts and digitizing old type and handtype.
Typefolio is a independent Brazilian typefoundry, established by the designer Marconi Lima. Its foundation was motivated by the desire of offering to the international market typographical projects that prioritizes the quality in technique, functionality and aesthetics.
Typejockeys is a type foundry and graphic design company based in Vienna, Austria, established in 2008 by Anna Fahrmaier, Thomas Gabriel and Michael Hochleitner.
With its international experience Typejockeys can offer products like custom type and lettering at highest level quality. Other services go from printed material, like posters, editorial- and book design, over digital media, like web and screen design, to corporate design and signage.
However, as the name already tells, the small and independent office always focuses on an appropriate use of typography in its work.
Type Project has been engaged in highly original, forward-thinking endeavors with a focus on typeface development. The results have been outstanding, from basic fonts such as AXIS Font and AXIS Mincho that raise the bar of next-generation typeface design standards, to customized fonts equipped with all-new functions (Driver's Font, adjustable fonts, etc.) and typefaces created for specific identity needs (fonts for signage at Pola Museum of Art and for the City Font Project).
Typesenses believes that there is a type for each occasion. So this foundry is keen on curves, details and ends in order to make them special. It is all about typographical personality. Sabrina Lopez, Typesenses creator, has found typography interesting at the University of Buenos Aires, where she studies Graphic Design and where she met Maximiliano Sproviero, her partner and friend. She is grateful to him for encouraging this project, for sharing his knowledge and for helping her to design her first type. Now, Typesenses wants to share its future success with him.
Rob Leuschke has established his type foundry TypeSETit based on the many lettering and calligraphic work he has done. Enjoy the many personal script faces.
Founded by Leslie Usherwood in the 1960s, Typsettra created original typefaces for many prominent foundries.
TypeSpectra was founded in 1974 by Phil Martin. Between TypeSpectra and Alphabet Innovations, another company founded by Martin, hundreds of film fonts were created for use with the VGC Photo Typositor. Now many of these designs have been revived as digital fonts.
Typetanic Fonts is based in New York, NY and is the personal foundry of graphic and type designer Greg Shutters. Founded in 2013, Typetanic aims to create original designs as well as adapt historic lettering and type styles for the needs of an ever-changing design market.
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MA's in Type Design, joined forces in 2006 and started the independent type foundry TypeTogether. It developed out of our desire to publish high quality typefaces and to collaborate on new type projects together. Hence the name. We also cooperate intensely with other type designers and thus create a diverse and interesting platform.Our main interest is in finding innovative and stylish solutions to old problems for the professional market of text typefaces with a focus on editorial use. This is where we see the greatest challenges, creating typefaces that perform well in continuous reading, but have enough personality to show.The advantage of being a small but highly specialized company is that we are able to work closely with our clients to accomplish their goals and to respond quickly to their requirements. Custom modifications and specially tailored typefaces can serve as vital elements of a company's corporate identity communicating a unique feel. At TypeTogether we make sure custom typeface projects are developed on solid foundations, based on the client's brief, targeted research and close collaboration with all the involved parties.We also aim for excellent technical performance using the latest font software, creating cross-platform Opentype fonts with extended character sets that offer broad language support and all kinds of typographic refinements, such as small caps, ligatures and several sets of numerals.The quality of our work has been already recognized in several international competitions, including TDC and ED-Awards.
Lovers of destorted type
Typoart was the official press of the East German government.
Typodermic Fonts was established in 2001 from the ashes of the successful freeware font factory: Larabie Fonts. The focus is mainly on trendy display designs and more serious text fonts as well. A few Typodermic fonts are historical revivals but most are original, new designs. Many Typodermic fonts employ OpenType features to create a pseudorandom or interlocking effect.
"Typonaut-Fonts" is an independent type foundry and a sister company oft he graphic design studio "die Typonauten". It is based in Bremen/Germany and was founded 2000 by Ingo Krepinsky and Stefan Krömer.
Typorium is the Chicago-based foundry of Jean-Renaud Cuaz.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.