Foundries and Libraries - 390 Libraries

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Designs from Neda Todorovic were inspired from old books on Cyrillic calligraphy. The letters are drawn to look like they were picked from a natural enviroment; especially flower and trees, so that they appear fresh and graceful. The results, letters with simplified floral details.
Outrageous display faces meet quirky image fonts in this high-spirited set from designer Britton Walters.
A great little collection of fonts – at great prices – for scrapbookers, educators, home and small business users. These distinctive designs and your operating system fonts combine perfectly to tackle a wide variety of projects.
Designer Nick Curtis uses a steady mix of typographic remakes and throwback designs in this lighthearted collection.
Nimx was a small foundry headed by Dallas-based designer Calvin Glenn.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.