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This is the foundry of typographic artist Harald Geisler based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.Harald Geisler's fonts are conceptually inspired. For example "Ciseaux Matisse" the foundries first release in 2010 is inspired by an exhibition about Henri Matisse's drawing with scissors. The Sigmund Freud Typeface, a collaboration between H.G., the Freud Museum London and the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, is inspired by the idea of a person writing a letter to his shrink set in Freud's own handwriting. Conspired Lovers a typeface inspired by his own Love-letters.Among other publications the foundries fonts have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Fast.Co, Design Taxi, Novum and Page.
Hackberry fonts was founded in the early 1990s as NuevoDeco Typography to market fonts David Bergsland designed to be used in his digital publishing books. In general, they are designed for professional graphic design use. The goal of his fonts is to add a hand-drawn edge to them. In this age of increasing technological “slickness” he purposely loosens the structure and adds “air” to the glyphs with breaks. The major thing is that they are designed for use in books and newsletters. They work very well for normal graphic design, but they really shine in book production.
Haiku Monkey Foundry is the home for Alec Julien's typographic creations. The foundry specializes in handwritten and brushdrawn faces, as well as display fonts that excel at large sizes.
Korean Fonts
Jim Harris of Harris Design is still gasping for oxygen after moving his design and type studio from near sea level in California to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in 2001. “Having a studio at nearly 7,000 feet gives a little more clarity to my design work” says Jim. Jim’s major background has been in environmental design and he has worked on projects for the National Park Service, Walt Disney Imagineering, and the City of New York, as well as many ad agencies around the country.
Henning Skibbe is a graphic and type designer from Hamburg, Germany. His thesis project the typeface family "Haptic" received a "Certificate of Excellence in Type Design" from the TDC in 2009. Currently he is working with Factor Design in Hamburg and there revised the FF Dingbats into FF Dingbats 2.0.
Hasan Abu Afash is educated as an engineer and developed an interest in Arabic type design later in his career. He is an Arabic type designer and typographer, is the founder of HibaStudio, a bilingual website (Arabic and English) featuring Arabic calligraphy, Arabic type design and typography launched in 2007 from Gaza, Palestine. Hiba Studio features his Arabic fonts such as Hasan Elham, Amal, Manal, Aya, Enas, Ghada, Noor, Alhandasi, Almohandis, Marah … etc.
Highground aka Full Time Artists has been providing custom lettering & artwork since 1993. Our font offerings center around authentic graffiti art & urban styles. All of our fonts are hand written or drawn & each font is released under our official Graffiti Fonts® label. We strive to create fonts that are widely useable while staying true to the root Hip-Hop culture that drives our designs.
Homelessfonts is an initiative by the Arrels foundation to support, raise awareness and bring some dignity to the life of homeless people in Barcelona Spain. Each of the fonts was carefully digitized from the handwriting of different homeless people who agreed to participate in this initiative. Monotype is pleased to donate all revenue from the sales of Homelessfonts to the Arrels foundation in support of their mission to provide the homeless people in Barcelona with a path to independence with accommodations, food, social and health care.
HVD Fonts based in Berlin, Germany, founded by Hannes von Döhren in 2002. After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, he worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007 he has been working as a freelancing graphic- and type designer in Berlin.
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