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Typefaces without serifs are called "sans serif fonts", and are the most popular text fonts. Classic sans serif fonts like Helvetica and Univers have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and are currently all the rage, especially in advertising.
Script fonts are typefaces with a personal touch, like calligraphy and handwriting fonts. They are perfect for invitations, greeting cards, headlines or very short, expressive texts. They range from classic, flowing scripts for elegant designs to light-hearted types with rounded forms for a fresh, peppy look.
Serif fonts have a small stroke projecting from the main strokes of their characters. Classic serif fonts are today most often found in the body text of newspapers. They are also a permanent fixture in books and magazines which require exceptionally legible texts.
Symbol fonts have become a must for illustrating a variety of graphic designs. Symbols communicate quickly, simply and often universally. Designers will also find it easy to use vectorized symbols for complex graphics even in large print sizes without compromising the quality...and still be able to pack them into small digital files.
Perfect for longer texts which must retain a high degree of legibility, such as those in books, newpapers and magazines.
All of Linotype and Monotype Arabic fonts are in the OpenType font format and can be used on both Mac and PC platforms. Windows supports Arabic language as of Windows 2000, and Mac from OS10. In both cases, support for Arabic needs to be turned on in the International Languages sections. Microsoft Office applications on Windows support Arabic, but the Mac versions do not. Adobe Creative Suite has special Middle East (ME) versions that support Arabic as well.
Handwriting fonts have been steadily gaining in popularity. They look as though handwritten, but more like printing or very informal script than traditional calligraphy. Their original, unconventional characters are perfect for occasions like Valentine's Day, birthday, greeting cards or eye-catching headlines. In advertising or on posters, these fonts are just the thing for funky modern products.
The graceful flowing forms are what lend calligraphic script fonts their elegance and energy. They are ideal for traditional-looking or refined applications like formal invitations and tasteful letterhead.
Based on Gothic type and late mediaeval calligraphy, these styles range from those marking the beginning of Gothic printing to the ornate Gothic types of 19th century Germany. This category also includes faces with a Gothic look but created by modern type designers. Blackletter types include the german ß character and ligatures (ch, sch, tz, etc.) and therefore have a narrower character width than roman style types. Our selection includes types in the Old English as well as blackletter styles.
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